Friends of Overton & Foster Park Association

Our Mission & Purpose

We were formed in 2014 and we are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. FOFPA includes members of four neighborhood associations (NA) that include: Tanglewood NA, Overton Park NA, Westcliff West NA, and Foster Park NA, each neighborhood association borders one or both parks. Members from the Mockingbird Garden Club and OP is a Friend to ME are also members of FOFPA. The FOFPA may also include in the future anyone else interested in being a steward of the parks.  

We have raised funds to prepare the master plan and we will raise more to fund improvements in the park which are beyond the basic maintenance levels accomplished by the City of Fort Worth Parks and Community Services Department (PCS). An important purpose defined by the FOFPA was to focus on helping the neighborhood citizens and businesses to become good stewards of Overton and Foster neighborhood parks for today‚Äôs citizens and for future generations to enjoy. The early goals established through the planning process are to enhance the long-term natural appearance of the park, to improve safety, to enhance neighborhood access and to enhance its use. To accomplish these goals the FOFPA will partner with the City of Fort Worth Parks and Community Services Department via the Adopt-a-Park program.